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Md Rifat
Jun 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
To work on; the depth of thinking about problems must be improved, especially when analyzing needs, to tap the real demands of customers. 2. Learn medical job function email list business knowledge When I first switched to medical products, I was working on job function email list a PACS system (a system used by hospital radiology departments, ultrasound departments, etc.), which belongs to medical informatization. At the beginning, I was confused and didn’t know where to start, so I was familiar with the product a little bit. First, I started with the role of the system, and figured job function email list out who the system was used for, and what problems were solved. Then I focused on understanding the product. process, and finally decompose each function point, when decomposing each independent function, we should think about the function of this function. Is it really necessary to exist? Can it be optimized? job function email list Every day, I will work overtime for a while, that is, I will go through the process in the test environment. At first, I will follow the normal process, and slowly I will go through various abnormal processes to fully understand the product. I am also familiar with the database, which table stores patient data, which table stores examination item data, etc. I have a job function email list basic understanding of the flow of various states of the system and the flow of data. Only in this way, job function email list when dealing with new requirements, can we get to the point and deal with it quickly,
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Md Rifat

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