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Undergraduate Research Proposal Example

Typical Proposal Format Title The title of your proposal should be short, accurate, and clear. A single sentence containing ten or fewer words is best. Don’t use acronyms and technical jargon as your reviewers may not come from your technical specialty. For example, “Web-GURU: Web-based Guide to Research for Undergraduates.” Abstract

  • Example 1. Reprocessing used nuclear fuel (UNF) is crucial to the completion of a closed fuel cycle and would reduce the volume of waste produced during nuclear power production. Pyroprocessing is a promising reprocessing technique as it offers pure forms of product recovery. A limiting issue with pyroprocessing, however, is the inability to.

  • Sample introductions Example 1 Clovis Paleoindian Tradition and Western Stemmed Tradition are types of lithic technologies which are classified by stone tools found in the Western United States (Andrefsky, 1994). A collection of Western Stemmed Tradition (WST) tools was found in a pit feature at the Cooper’s Ferry archaeological site.

  • Here are some guidelines to help you with your student research proposal. A research question is the pillar of a research proposal. By and large, students forget to place a question mark at the end of the research question. For example: “I want to understand why some people decide to vote while others don’t” is a question where voting behavior can be a topic. It is crucial to include the.


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