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Salma Akter
Jun 12, 2022
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Invitation and reward is one of the common executive list fission growth models, and an effective invitation and reward design can help promote user growth. If you want to optimize the design of invitation awards, you can start from the aspects of improving user executive list access and user sharing. In this article, the author summarizes the details of the products in the invitation-winning design, let's take a look. For user growth, the importance of product details is self-evident. Without excessive channel resources and operational support, Invitation has a prize as a commonly used fission executive list growth model is no exception. Unfortunately, few people pay attention to the role of product details. This article will take stock of the readers, enjoy~ 1. Improve the details of user access When an average user logs in to an APP, applet or H5, they will see the following advertising spaces: pop-up windows, floating windows and banners. They are most commonly used to launch various activities, including invitations to executive list fission with prizes. Among them, the best effect is the pop-up window. windows and floating windows. Whether it is a floating window or a pop-up window, there executive list are certain dynamic effects, which are added to the position where action executive list commands are most likely to be triggered, and accompanied by action texts such as "obtain benefits", such as, "obtain gift packs", "Get the red envelope immediately" and so on. Especially the pop-up window, which is the most likely advertising space to attract users to participate in the event. The most commonly used presentation method is the advertising image, which relies on the role of copywriting to attract clicks.
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Salma Akter

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